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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lest we Forget..

I had the privilege to visit probably one of the best cultural and historical attractions of the Eastern Cape and South Africa as a whole! As a black 20year old I think I sometimes take some things for the freedom I enjoy as a black woman in this day and age and the choices I have ,to do whatever I want with my life and lets be honest,I sometimes make irrational and rushed choices forgetting that there are those before me who fought for the freedom I enjoy today!

I visited the Red Location Museum in New Brighton Port Elizabeth and I would highly advise everyone to go there sometime not only for the black man's history in this country but also for gaining new perspective and appreciation for life.I set my back to those doors knowing FULLY of where I'm coming from and where I'm going. I held my head high thinking " Black man , you are surely NOT on your own..look how far you've come" 

The Red Location Museum

a local small business nearby

Oloffpalme street named after one the Swedish Ministers

The Arts: one of the  things that kept the human spirit going

Music in the air.

an old!

" basop nantsi indoda emnyama Verwoed."
a song Vuyisile Mini and peers were singing before being executed!

boxes with names of some of the fallen..

Women: the breadwinners

the youngest PE struggle detainee : 2years old and was in detention with mother for 8months.

Love in times of the struggle

remake of a typical Red Location home..


Where dreams of liberation were dreamt.

"kwa nyama ayipheli kuphela izinyo lendoda"

" madam. where are your clothes?"

On our way back we stopped at the Nanaga Farmstall, if you havent been there I'd advice you to pop in the next time you make your way to PE. Its famously known for its roosterkoeks and koeksisters but I absolutely loooove the " in middle of nowhere" feel it has and their ginger beer..but its still doesnt beat my mum's!

The Entrance: Nanaga Farm Stall

 My friend Tsholo

nom nom nom...

the famous rooster with a fillng of your choice!

Reflecting by the pond!

Daniel Beaty once wrote:  

"Dear son I'm sorry I never came home ...
No  longer will I be there to knock on your door
So you must learn to knock for  yourself
Knock knock the doors of racism and poverty that I could not
Knock Knock on doors of opportunity
For the lost of brilliance of black men who crowd these cells
Knock Knock with deligence for the sake of your children
For as long as you're free these prison gates cannot contain my spirit.."

Daniel Beaty " Knock, Knock"

 CeCe xxx
wide legged pants
scalf used as turban
cropped vintage jacket
red wedge
woven black and brown bag!


  1. NANAGA :) yummmy i loooooooove that place and i love this blog

  2. LOL, I love it too the roosterkoeks are YUMMY! oh thank you :)