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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cherry Blossom..

My week in pictures:

Floral bodysuit: Clearouts
Pink vintage  button- down circle skirt: Thrifted
white skinny belt: thrifted
whirt ruffled socks
T-shaped buckle clog platform sandals : Rage





YES! I dropped that penny AGAIN!!

I love standing on chairs..


CeCe xxx

Lest we Forget..

I had the privilege to visit probably one of the best cultural and historical attractions of the Eastern Cape and South Africa as a whole! As a black 20year old I think I sometimes take some things for the freedom I enjoy as a black woman in this day and age and the choices I have ,to do whatever I want with my life and lets be honest,I sometimes make irrational and rushed choices forgetting that there are those before me who fought for the freedom I enjoy today!

I visited the Red Location Museum in New Brighton Port Elizabeth and I would highly advise everyone to go there sometime not only for the black man's history in this country but also for gaining new perspective and appreciation for life.I set my back to those doors knowing FULLY of where I'm coming from and where I'm going. I held my head high thinking " Black man , you are surely NOT on your own..look how far you've come" 

The Red Location Museum

a local small business nearby

Oloffpalme street named after one the Swedish Ministers

The Arts: one of the  things that kept the human spirit going

Music in the air.

an old!

" basop nantsi indoda emnyama Verwoed."
a song Vuyisile Mini and peers were singing before being executed!

boxes with names of some of the fallen..

Women: the breadwinners

the youngest PE struggle detainee : 2years old and was in detention with mother for 8months.

Love in times of the struggle

remake of a typical Red Location home..


Where dreams of liberation were dreamt.

"kwa nyama ayipheli kuphela izinyo lendoda"

" madam. where are your clothes?"

On our way back we stopped at the Nanaga Farmstall, if you havent been there I'd advice you to pop in the next time you make your way to PE. Its famously known for its roosterkoeks and koeksisters but I absolutely loooove the " in middle of nowhere" feel it has and their ginger beer..but its still doesnt beat my mum's!

The Entrance: Nanaga Farm Stall

 My friend Tsholo

nom nom nom...

the famous rooster with a fillng of your choice!

Reflecting by the pond!

Daniel Beaty once wrote:  

"Dear son I'm sorry I never came home ...
No  longer will I be there to knock on your door
So you must learn to knock for  yourself
Knock knock the doors of racism and poverty that I could not
Knock Knock on doors of opportunity
For the lost of brilliance of black men who crowd these cells
Knock Knock with deligence for the sake of your children
For as long as you're free these prison gates cannot contain my spirit.."

Daniel Beaty " Knock, Knock"

 CeCe xxx
wide legged pants
scalf used as turban
cropped vintage jacket
red wedge
woven black and brown bag!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm only human..

Hello Fam

 Feels o-so-good to be sharing with you once more and as I promised last week, I'm just gonna share with you one my favorite hospice shops in  Grahamstown and one that is the closest to my heart. I remember a chat I had with  my sister just a while ago one that touched on the basics of humanity,we were talking about how you don't greet someone because you know them but because
" umntu engumntu" (a human being IS a human being). From that little chat I decided that I refuse to just stand by, complain about the condition that our world is in ,look at my sisters roaming the streets of Hillbrow with disgust or just giving looks of empathy at my little brothers and sisters occupying the street corners with cracked lips and yet do NOTHING! I ALONE REFUSE! That is when I decided that everything I was going to do from there on was not only gonna build me but those around me as well.

Hence this post, those of you in Grahamstown might know the Sunflower Hospice shop in Burthust Street which has timeless items at very and I mean VERY affordable prices. One of my fav items are from there and last week I decided to not only take but to give back. I donated a bag of clothes and shoes to the hospice which gives support to patients with life threatening illnesses and their families.Truth is not all of us can donate clothes or books to hospices but what ever is God-given to you is always ENOUGH be it your time, your ear and just a hug and a smile sometimes!I love love..this might sound silly but I believe love is life..If there are any questions, pain or even doubt in our lives LOVE be it God, the universe or humanity is always there to give all the answers. 

one of the first things you see when you enter..

 just too cute!

Burthust Street! pop in sometime!

There isn't enough darkness  in the universe to extinguish the light from one small candle..

word of appreciation

one of fav items are from the over sized cardy?

I started thrifting as a hobbie from  my  love for all things old  and  vintage  but also  because collecting them is cost-efficient but now it has grown into something beyond! Not only is thrifting affordable but its also eco-friendly as it is clothes recycling meaning when buying second hand items you're reducing your carbon footprint. What I've learnt that sometimes to give back you don't have to  step out of your comfort zone you can simply do what you love but also loving others at the same time!

Galatians 6:2 ESV

"Bear one another's burdens..."

We were created by LOVE with Love.

CeCe xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Take me to the coast!

So today I had a school trip to Port Elizabeth (sounds so high school haha!)though the weather was wet I was just excited to dress up a bit since I haven't been to the windy city in like forever. I have to admit I thought of disappearing for a few hours and just go check out all the hospice shops near by BUT ...yeah man! Have to admit though that it was really good feeling the ocean breeze on my face again..gotta love the coast!

 Oversized navy Cardigan : Vintage
Check Pencil Skirt : Vintage
Brown bodysuit: Mum got it for me
Navy skinny belt : Thrifted
Navy stockings: Pick n Pay
Vintage patched leather bag: Mum
Brown doek : bargain shop in King

laughing it off..

There's that looking for my penny pose again..


not-looking-but-aware pose..yeah I just made that up..

 meet tweety and tweet- match made in heaven!

Saw these little cuties outside my window this afternoon, isn't nature  just beautiful?

Matthew 6: 26 (NIV):

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?


CeCe xx

Box those braids!

So I recently had box braids done..think Brandy, Janet Jackson back in the day! So one of my favorite blogs EVER : The midnight cool recently had a post focusing on styling your braids and stuff and today I decided to try out one of the styles that were recommended there..  totally loooooved it ! Thanx Chi xx



You can follow ChiChi's blog  to find out about more about fashion, music, art and culture on :

CeCe xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I swear on my bargain!!

So people have been asking me where I get my clothes and I'm coming out clean people, I should be called the Queen of bargain! Hospice shops, second hand shops flee markets I'M THERE LIKE A BEAR! I guess the secret is mixing up new and old, primitive and modern to come up with the best looks, like in the following pictures:

Teal Vintage cotton blazer : thrifted
black cotton skinnies: Edgars
Striped grey and black tank: Mr Price
Saddles: Legit

So I've decided to share with you some of the second hand shops and boutiques I swear by. I'll show three for now: Nearly New second hand shop which some of you who are in Grahamstown might know, Cheeky boutique which has timeless accessories to vamp up your wardrobe ranging from rings, earrings,hats and aviator sunglasses.One of my favorites has to be ladies Under the Arch who sell beaded traditional yet modern pieces..have a glimpse:

Wooden Cross..
Totally heart this!

All the pieces are hand made the range is R45- R150  not bad huh?

Cheeky Boutique :

its in New Street by the Pharmacy..hard to miss!

they have a range of aviators

all aviators are 89!

have to get these for summer!

Totally love this, can you say Sophia Town? All the their hats range from R89 (like this one) to R150..

I don't usually wear long earrings but I would so ROCK these!
you could get  yourself a pair  for only R29!

Their new earring Spring collection!

Rings @ R79!

Imma get myself this one..I HAVE TO!

Nearly New second hand shop:


Genuine Leather Vintage bag

Some of the vintage blouses you are most likely to find!

The bummed I'm a size four :( GENUINE bro!

Pink Vintage blouse..YUM!!

Vintage sweaters and Cosby's

That's it for now, I'll come back with more next week and one of favourite hospice shops

Sis' Cece Advice: when shopping for vintage pieces always look at the labels and make sure you're not being sold a so- called
" vintage designer item" for more that you actually are supposed to pay. Also, check for any faults like missing buttons and zips before purchasing and remember just because its old it doesn't mean is vintage! Happy vintage hunting!