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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I swear on my bargain!!

So people have been asking me where I get my clothes and I'm coming out clean people, I should be called the Queen of bargain! Hospice shops, second hand shops flee markets I'M THERE LIKE A BEAR! I guess the secret is mixing up new and old, primitive and modern to come up with the best looks, like in the following pictures:

Teal Vintage cotton blazer : thrifted
black cotton skinnies: Edgars
Striped grey and black tank: Mr Price
Saddles: Legit

So I've decided to share with you some of the second hand shops and boutiques I swear by. I'll show three for now: Nearly New second hand shop which some of you who are in Grahamstown might know, Cheeky boutique which has timeless accessories to vamp up your wardrobe ranging from rings, earrings,hats and aviator sunglasses.One of my favorites has to be ladies Under the Arch who sell beaded traditional yet modern pieces..have a glimpse:

Wooden Cross..
Totally heart this!

All the pieces are hand made the range is R45- R150  not bad huh?

Cheeky Boutique :

its in New Street by the Pharmacy..hard to miss!

they have a range of aviators

all aviators are 89!

have to get these for summer!

Totally love this, can you say Sophia Town? All the their hats range from R89 (like this one) to R150..

I don't usually wear long earrings but I would so ROCK these!
you could get  yourself a pair  for only R29!

Their new earring Spring collection!

Rings @ R79!

Imma get myself this one..I HAVE TO!

Nearly New second hand shop:


Genuine Leather Vintage bag

Some of the vintage blouses you are most likely to find!

The bummed I'm a size four :( GENUINE bro!

Pink Vintage blouse..YUM!!

Vintage sweaters and Cosby's

That's it for now, I'll come back with more next week and one of favourite hospice shops

Sis' Cece Advice: when shopping for vintage pieces always look at the labels and make sure you're not being sold a so- called
" vintage designer item" for more that you actually are supposed to pay. Also, check for any faults like missing buttons and zips before purchasing and remember just because its old it doesn't mean is vintage! Happy vintage hunting!



  1. Love your blog. It's hot. I am not that much into fashion, but you make it look so cool and dignified. I like the vintage feel. I guess it's because of your taste and style. It totally rocks. Keep up the good work and I will keep visiting :)

  2. I love this blog kids...keep up the good work.